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About BIC

What is BIC ?

The BIC Metric or  “Best In Class Metric”is how we develop the best possible bike. We believe in delivering the best price/specification/quality ratio in the industry. BIC means that Silverback customers get the most desirable technology at an affordable price. These metrics include: frame design, weight, bike finish and aesthetics and specifications all at the right price. All decisions are based in the science of design, and careful calculations leads us, bike for bike, model for model, to offer the best value proposition than any other brand in the world.

ARD = Advanced Riding Dynamics

Cs = Calculated Spec

ƒ1 = Fork

ƒ2 = Frame

w = Wheel Size + Spec

The ARD (Advanced Riding Dynamics) equation encompasses our core value: to deliver a ride that has the best qualities for the given platform of bike at the given price. Correctly chosen parts help to make the bike perform admirably at its intended task, and our attention to detail shows in the end result. Frame, fork and wheels are considered the key elements to enhancing the ride quality of any bicycle. We endeavour to design and specify these components in such a way that whether you are a road- or mountain bike rider, you receive a bike without any compromises. Staying true to the ARD Equation: Frame, Fork and Wheels and add to that the Calculated Spec of all the other components, we will continue to offer a bike with unparalleled Riding Dynamics.


Best In Class


Qualitative process of research, design, testing and refinement.


Setting trends in design to offer the best looking bike for your experience.


Carefully chosen components mean more bike for less price.


Proprietary molds and design saves weight for better performance.


Scientific formula developed by Silverback to keep costs down.