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SBC (Superbike Concepts)  is the High Performance division of Silverback, bringing together industry leading design and manufacturing techniques, and top-shelf component choices to deliver an unbeatable riding experience.


Silverback are proud sponsors of the OMX Pro Team, working with the product development team at the bleeding edge of bike design. Silverback SBC bikes have been raced by the OMX Pro Team at the 2012 & 2016 Olympic Games, as well as many UCI World Cups. In 2017 Annie Last was the first British woman in 20 years to have won the UCI World Cup on her SBC, stage race 4. Looking to the future there are many exciting projects, races, and announcements in partnership with the OMX Pro Team to look out for!



Developed, tested, and raced with the OMX Pro Bike Team. Our designers have worked with the riders to develop premium bikes capable of meeting and exceeding the extreme demands of World Cup XCO and Marathon racing. SBC bikes have been piloted to the podium steps in many different disciplines by riders such as Martin Gluth, Annie Last, Mariske Strauss, and Isla Short.


We believe that a bicycle is more than just a collection of numbers and results – it is something that shines through in all our designs, but nowhere is it more obvious than with the SBC range. When considering an SBC, you can be confident you are getting a premium, Professional-level product that has been designed from the ground up with careful consideration of every minor detail. Silverback is at the bleeding edge of material and manufacturing innovations with the SBC range. The carbon layup has been optimized to create an aesthetically beautiful frame the perfect combination of weight, stiffness (comfort), and strength.