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What is scientific
right fit?

SRF is a proprietary way of looking at individual rider dimensions and the corresponding,
correct fitment and sizing of a bike to suit each individual rider.
Silverback joined forces with a prestige sport science academy with
fitment data for thousands of riders to deliver a bike fitting system
that enhances rider experience through delivering the right bike, at the right price, with the right fit,

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Determine Exact

Rider Measurements

The process starts with taking rider measurements for the following values:
height, weight, leg length left and right, flexibility, arm length left and right, and shoe size.

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Input Into

SRF Program

Once rider measurements are established, these are inputted to the SRF program which runs as an online application.

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Bike Setup

The SRF system delivers a set of values that indicate the right size bike and the correct setup of the bike for the rider.

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Combined Rider

And Bike Setup

At this point the chosen bike is set up with the values returned by the SRF application.

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SRF Measurments

Once the initial bike setup is completed, the rider takes their place on the bike and the SRF setup is cross-checked against an evaluation of real rider positioning using a digital inclinometer to establish accurate measurements of angles of rider torso, leg extension and arm positioning. Measurement are captured on the SRF application.

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The SRF software returns a set of recommendations for final setup in the event that the initial setup differs from the intended positioning delivered in the first step of bike setup. Final adjustments are made and the bike is ready to ride.

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